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Our award-winning e-cases and documentaries have been used by thousands of students all around the world in a wide array of courses including Accounting, Criminology, Psychology, Ethics and, Management.

They are very easy to use and to integrate, even into an already packed syllabus.

Our syllabus consultants can show you how to integrate eCases and how to pair them with material you're already using.

And, Helios will be with you each step of the way ensuring that you and your students have the best user experience.


What Professors & Students Have To Say About Helios

  • "The thing I like most about the eCases is their convenience... I have them with me everywhere."
    - Student

  • "100 times better than using a textbook or article."
    - MBA Student

  • "It's a learning opportunity for me, and at the same time a challenge...because I might be in that situation."
    - Student

  • "The best teaching experience I've ever had."
    - Instructor

  • "I feel like I've found a pot of gold."
    - Instructor

  • "Students make the connection much more if they can actually see it."
    - Instructor

  • "My students respond well to the eCase material. They are attentive to the material and engaged in it. I've received a lot of positive feedback about the eCases when I would ask students outside of class how they like them."
    - Lynn Almond, CMA, CPA, Assistant Professor of Practice at Virginia Tech

  • "Great experience using Helios! Getting ready to use again next semester."
    - Instructor

Our eCases and CoursePacks can be customized to fit your course needs!

If you are an instructor and would like to preview any of our eCases our CoursePacks, please contact us: info@heliosdigital.com
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