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The Helios Digital Library is your resource for engaging content that utilizes storytelling as a method for teaching fraud and ethics concepts in an innovative way. A Helios Story© is an excellent "Trojan Horse" for teaching today's learner.

Helios Digital Learning e-cases are multi-media learning tools that are perfect for self-paced learning, group projects, and classroom discussions. e-Cases are designed for academic environments and are easily inserted into an existing curriculum.

e-Cases can be used as standalone teaching tools or can be combined into ClassPacks, complementary e-cases that can be paired to create robust learning experiences across classes, within a particular academic discipline, or across multiple disciplines within a business school.

e-Cases are purchased by students for $8.99 each by visiting http://helios.vook.com. All titles will be available for purchase beginning in August 2013.

Academic institutions may purchase bulk e-cases or ClassPacks to receive discounted pricing.
Please contact our sales department at (312) 789-4470 Ext. 1 or email us at info@heliosdigital.com for more information.

Helios Digital e-Cases

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