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Many professionals are required to earn continuing education credits each year to maintain professional certifications. Most don't look forward to fulfilling this requirement because the courses are often dry and boring. Let's face it, sitting in front of a computer screen listening to a bland voice over PowerPoint presentation just isn't the way most busy professionals want to spend their time. It's also one of least effective ways to learn anything. There's a better way and we've got it!

Ethics CPE and CLE Courses

Our ethics CPE and CLE courses provide professional learners with content that is engaging and a user experience that reflects their individual preferences. The content of our CPE and CLE courses is derived from our documentary, Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes which was awarded the 2012 Contributions to Teaching Award sponsored by the American Accounting Association Ethics Committee and the 2012 Mark Chain/Federation of Schools of Accounting award. The courses cover a wide range of ethical principles in real-life settings as discussed by white collar felons convicted of crimes stemming from these ethical breaches as well as commentary and analysis by criminal and financial experts and psychologists.

Solutions for Professional Certification Organizations

Helios Digital Learning can customize one of our ethics CPE or CLE courses or develop a new course offering for your organization.

Our solutions include:

  • online courses and webinars (asynchronous and live)
  • live CPE training sessions at conferences or field locations which can be conducted by our staff or yours with training materials and guides customized for your organization

With our solution you can:

  • Offer branded training products
  • Increase member engagement with your organization
  • Significantly increase your training revenue while also increasing member satisfaction

For more information about this solution, contact Ivy Walker.

Solutions for Professionals Seeking CPE and CLE Credits

Course Overview: Crossing the Line: Ethical Fading and Miscalibration

In this course, you will hear from real white collar felons who tell their individual stories of how they crossed lines they never thought they would cross. Learn how personal and professional pressures led these ordinary people to commit ethical lapses which led them down a path of crime and ultimately to prison. This course will help you to develop an understanding of key ethical principles and strengthen your own ethical decision making framework.

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  • "Absolutely fascinating! [The] Film was very, very interesting and informative... Thank you for this segment. I truly enjoyed it. If you watched the audience, you could have heard a pen drop. Everyone was truly concentrating on this subject matter." --- A. W., Attorney

  • "I wanted to chime in with my thanks. Right after your program ended this afternoon, I happened to have a meeting that included a few of our lawyers who attended the program. They commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation and found it informative and thought provoking. It was very clear to me from their comments that you really put together an excellent program. Thank you very much for allowing our office to benefit from your skill as an educator and your thoughtful work on this topic.
    Thank you again!"
    ---A. S., Attorney

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