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We believe that the goal of successful academic programs should be to produce leaders who have both strong technical skills and strong ethical decision making frameworks. To accomplish that, ethical lessons should be integrated into the core curriculum not seen as a detached philosophical area. We produce educational products that make it simple to add to a strong ethical component to virtually any course-from accounting to zoology.

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Many professionals are required to earn continuing education credits each year to maintain professional certifications. Most don't look forward to fulfilling this requirement because the courses are often dry and boring. Let's face it, sitting in front of a computer screen listening to a bland voice over PowerPoint presentation just isn't the way most busy professionals want to spend their time. It's also one of least effective ways to learn anything. There's a better way and we've got it!

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Helios Digital Learning offers innovative and engaging fraud and ethics training solutions for business and government. Our suite of training programs are designed to the meet the specific needs of large institutions, organizations with fewer than 100 employees, government entities, and not-for-profits. Our programs are conducted as individual online courses, group webinars and live training.

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