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Ethics in Education

We believe that the goal of successful academic programs should be to produce leaders who have both strong technical skills and strong ethical decision making frameworks.

To accomplish that, ethical lessons should be integrated into the core curriculum not seen as a detached philosophical area.

We produce educational products that make it simple to add to a strong ethical component to virtually any course-from accounting to zoology.

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New e-Cases!


Our e-cases are multimedia, mini-e-books designed to engage and bring to life an important ethical lesson in the context of the subject matter being taught. Each one focuses on telling a story with a character, often a real life person, to whom we can all relate. These stories, told through text, video and even motion comics, illustrate ethical principles. They speak to students, rather than at them. They engage them, enable them to relate, stimulate discussion and finally, facilitate the integration of the lesson being taught.

Our e-case catalog is growing rapidly. Check out our brochure to view titles currently available. New titles are added every week. If you don't see one that for your particular academic area, no worries! Just drop us a note and we will let you know when an e-case in your subject area is scheduled to be released.

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Instructor Feedback

  • "My students were fascinated at the candid comments from Diann and Justin. It created an environment with much discussion from my students. The questions allowed the students to put themselves in the fraudster's shoes for a bit and made them really think about what they would have done in that situation...

    This documentary is a great way for students to see and understand where the slippery slope starts with an ethical dilemma and how it can grow into a fraudulent mess. The difference between right and wrong can be very clear-cut until you enter into a crossroads where your moral compass is tested. If you choose the wrong path, you can find yourself slipping down the slope all too fast which is why "Crossing the Line" is such a great tool to use to show students that it could happen to anyone."

    --- Casey Kyllonen, CPA, Senior Academic Adviser, Professional Program, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University

  • "...my Principles of Accounting students and I discussed the 'Aaron and Weston's Story' chapter of Crossing the Line. We had a very lively discussion that touched on how the students perceived this form of accounting fraud (i.e., carried out as a result of pressure from top management) compared to white collar crimes involving individuals stealing from the company (e.g., "Diann's Story")... We also debated which of the two men (Aaron or Weston) was more honorable. Some students felt that Aaron was more honorable because he left the company once they began to "cross the line." But others pointed out that he could have come forward years earlier, but opted to say nothing.

    The class really seems to enjoy the CTL cases and I am looking forward to using them again going forward!"

    ---Danny Lanier, Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Accounting, Love School of Business, Elon University

Student Feedback

  • "[Crossing the Line] is preferable to cases regarding the same subject because you get to see that these people are just like you and me. Moreover, you get to see nonverbal cues that help to explain their stories. Overall, I recommend Crossing the Line to students and professionals because it discusses a relevant theme. Indeed, ordinary people every day are booking fraudulent journal entries or overinflating expense reports."
    --- Business School Student, 2013

  • "I would recommend [Crossing the Line] to all students and professionals because it is a reminder of how easily fraud can be perpetrated and rationalized...I also believe that by viewing these stories... as opposed [to] reading about them in a traditional case allows for its viewers to better understand how these frauds are committed. By reading a case on fraud you develop an understanding of the fraud, but it almost does not seem real. By placing a face to the fraud the frauds come to life and you are better able to develop a sense as to how the crime was committed."
    ---Business School Student, 2013

  • "By reviewing these stories, I have a significant advantage over these individuals in the event that I find myself in a situation like theirs…Learning about these cases is great preparation for the pressures that I may find one day."
    --- orensic Accounting student, Fall 2013

  • "I enjoyed the e-case because it very informational and kept me attentive the entire time."
    --- Undergraduate Accounting Student, Spring 2013

  • "It was very well written and a nice assignment that I actually enjoyed doing."
    ---Undergraduate Accounting Student, Spring 2013

  • "This was very interesting and gave me a deeper understanding of the white-collar felon. I would recommend this to any student in the business school!"
    ---MBA Student, Spring 2013

  • "Great assignment, very enjoyable!"
    ---Undergraduate Accounting Student, Spring 2013

HDL Documentaries

Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes

Crossing the Line documents how ordinary people become susceptible to committing white-collar crime at various points in their professional careers.
The film offers viewers a unique opportunity to hear convicted white-collar felons discuss their crimes, the corporate or personal pressure that led to their crimes, prison life and life after conviction. The documentary is part of the Crossing the Line Research Series which seeks to add to the limited and dated fraud documentaries and teaching modules currently available for educational purposes.

These materials are being created with the educator in mind; therefore they are suitable for classroom use.

To purchase the documentary, please contact our sales team at sales@heliosdigital.com or (312) 789-4470 x1.

Our Crossing the Line documentary has received the following awards:

  •   2012 Mark Chain/Federation of Schools of Accounting Award
  •   2012 Contributions to Teaching Award Sponsored by the American Accounting Association
  •   2013 Forensic & Investigative Section of the American Accounting Association Teaching Award

"Absolutely fascinating! [The] Film was very, very interesting and informative... Thank you for this segment. I truly enjoyed it. If you watched the audience, you could have heard a pen drop. Everyone was truly concentrating on this subject matter."

--- Angela C. Williams, Assistant Attorney General, Child Support Enforcement Division- Peoria

Coming Soon All the Queen's Horses: The Rita Crundwell Story

All the Queen's Horses: The Rita Crundwell Story documents stories of white-collar crimes committed by women. This film features the story of Rita A. Crundwell, former comptroller of Dixon, Illinois.

Crundwell pled guilty to embezzling $54 million over a twenty year period, making Dixon, Illinois home to the largest municipal fraud in U.S. history.

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