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Helios Digital Learning is an education media company that uses memorable stories to teach students and professionals to strengthen their ethical decision making.

We serve educators, corporations, governments and the entertainment industry with a suite of specialized products and services designed for individual, small group and large audience interactions.

We use storytelling for one simple reason: stories are a powerful way to communicate and motivate.

Stories engage the entire brain which has a profound impact on learning.

Have a question or comment? Want to know more about how we can create phenomenalto meet your needs? Love what we do and interested in working with us? Need a speaker for your event? Just want to say 'hi'? Well, drop us a note!

Helios Digital Learning

500 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60611

For information about our products and services send, us an email at

For press and media inquiries, send us an email at

If you are interested in joining our team, send us your resume and cover letter at

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