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Annual Meeting 2018

Gaylord National Resort (201 Waterfront Street,
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August 4 - 8, 2018

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The Story Matters

A powerful way to communicate and motivate.

Helios Digital Learning is an educational media company that helps students deepen their understanding of accounting concepts and improve their judgment and decision-making through the use of memorable stories. Our award-winning content is used and highly rated by thousands of students each year in accounting courses all over the country.

The awards we've won include:

  • HBO Best Documentary Award (2018)
  • American Accounting Association Teaching Award - Forensic & Investigative Section (2013)
  • Mark Chain/Federation of schools of Accounting Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award (2012)
  • Best Contributions to Teaching Award Sponsored by the American Accounting Association (2012)

Student point of view

Professor point of view

Check out the clips from some of our eCases below. If you are an instructor that would like a complimentary preview of one of the eCases below, please click the Request Preview button under the video.

The Whistleblower's Story

(excerpt from Whistling While You Work: The Story of One Controller)

Whistleblowers are a key element in combating corporate fraud. But making the decision to become a whistleblower is not an easy one. Often these corporate watchdogs fear retaliation from their employers, but they make the courageous decision to divulge information that can potentially save a company from financial ruin. This case explores one financial controller's experience as a whistleblower and why she decided to stand up to executive leadership and make the right decision to report fraud.

The Manipulator's Story

(excerpt from Going South: Lessons Learned from the HealthSouth Fraud)

On March 18, 2003, a federal law enforcement task force executed a search warrant at the Birmingham, Alabama offices of HealthSouth Corporation. The task force seized thousands of documents maintained in the company's executive offices as well as its financial, accounting, and information technology departments. Within five weeks, nearly a dozen current and former HealthSouth executives, including five who had served as chief financial officer, would plead guilty to criminal violations of federal securities laws and related statutes. Weston Smith, former HealthSouth CFO, talks about the four stages of the fraud.

The Patsy's Story

(excerpt from Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes: How Following the Bosses Orders can be the Wrong Choice)

Good Intentions: Unlike many corporate fraudsters, Harold Katz was unwittingly corralled into committing crimes. He didn't intend to mislead investors. But he complied when his boss asked him to create a spread

All the Queen's Horses

(excerpt from All the Queen's Horses, recipient of the 2017 HBO award for Best Documentary, All the Queen's Horses is used in classrooms all over the world!)

On February 14, 2013, Rita Crundwell, former comptroller for the city of Dixon, IL, was sentenced to 19 ½ years in prison for stealing more than $53 million from Dixon. Crundwell's crime went on record as the largest municipal fraud in U.S. history. Just as shocking as the amount stolen from this small Illinois town, was the fact that Crundwell engaged in her scheme to pillage Dixon for 20 years before being discovered. Crundwell's fraud shines an unflattering spotlight on the accounting profession and the role of the audit.

As expected, it looks typical of the high-quality Helios production.

The interviews and the documentary reflection in the case allowed us to see the emotion of the people being profiled.

I thought the eCase was one of the best assignments I've had in years.

It meant 10 times more than reading about it in a book or article, I hope eCases are used in more of my classes.

about Kelly Richmond Pope, Ph.D., CPA
Educator and Chief Content Officer, Helios Digital Learning

Who said accounting classes can't be fun?

I never thought accounting classes can't be fun!

I thoroughly love teaching my accounting classes and the better material you have, the more fun it becomes. I taught my first accounting class as a master's student at Virginia Tech and as I reflect on that experience, I remember being given a book, a syllabus template and the class location. No one ever actually spoke with me about how to teach. The assumption was that because I knew the subject matter, I could teach it. Personally, I think that is a risky assumption. Early during my teaching career, I used very traditional presentation methods; lectures and PowerPoint slides. And I began to realize that my students seemed disengaged and bored. I wanted them to feel as excited and passionate about accounting as I was. So, I decided to make some changes. I began teaching with tv and film and my classes went from dull to exciting in a matter of weeks. I've used movies like Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room or shows like Shark Tank but then I started creating my own content.

By creating my own content, I could control the balance of accounting content and entertainment that would end up in the story. In 2014, I created Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary and in 2017 I created All the Queen's Horses. Both of these award-winning films have been developed into "eCases" which are perfect for the classroom. eCases are a welcomed twist to the traditional paper/pencil case because they combine video, accounting theory and storytelling. Accounting classes can be fun, and I am constantly looking for the next big thing to disrupt the traditional accounting course. To read more about what filmmaking taught me about teaching accounting, see Bring Movie Magic to your Accounting Classroom

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